DescriptionPrivate FeeRebate
Patients with a Pension card or a Health Care Card and children under 16 years of age will continue to be bulk billed ( Dr Dutta Dr Vemula)
Short Consult            < 5min                      $  35.00$  18.95
Standard Consult     <15min                 $  80.00$  41.40
Long Consult            >15min                       $ 129.70$  81.10
Extended Consult     >30min                 $ 155.00$118.00
Skin Check$ 129.70$ 81.10
New Patient Dr Ciarkowski        40 min$ 268.00$150.00
New Patient Dr Ciarkowski    > 1 hour$ 341.20$150.00
Follow-up Dr Ciarkowski for same condition will be bulk billed if you have not seen Dr Ciarkowski for more than 12 months he will private bill as per rates above
All chronic disease care plans and Mental Health Care Plans will continue to bulk bill
Skin ProceduresThe Doctor will inform you at the time of your consultation of the feesthat you will incur for your skin procedure** Please note that on the day of your procedure, if there are any additional unforeseen treatments, there may be added costs**
Healite Therapy$   20.00        no rebate
Iron Infusion$ 180.10$ 100.00
New Cannabis Therapy $ 129.70$ 50.00
New Cannabis Therapy Long$ 161.50$ 50.00
Vitamin IV Therapies
IV Set$ 100.00
Vitamin D$   50.00
Vitamin C 15g/50ml$   80.00
Vitamin C 30g/100ml$ 100.00
Alpha Lipoic Acid 400mg in 8 ml$   90.00
Glutathione 500mg/10ml$   50.00
Vitamin B$   30.00
Magnesium Sulfate 2.47g/5ml$   30.00
Zinc$   40.00
NAD nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide$ 300.00
Skin Pen Therapy
Skin Pen Treatment Face only$ 300.00
Skin Pen Treatment Face and decolletage$ 450.00
Medicals Not Funded by Medicare
Commercial Drivers Licence $ 140.00
Pre-Employment medical $ 120.00
CTG Claims$ 120.00