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Health Reminders and Recalls

Reedy Creek Medical Centre has an agreement with an external provider HotDoc.  The latter does not have direct contact with our practice, only though our cloud server.  All communication between HotDoc and Reedy Creek Medical Centre is highly encrypted.  HotDoc only handles data relating to the patient appointment, such as mobile number, email, time and day of the appointment.  No other sensitive patient records are used or stored on the HotDoc system.  https://www.hotdoc.com.au/practices/terms-of-service-patients/ provides Terms or Service for the HotDoc application.

BetterConsult Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Our practice uses BetterConsult by HealthShare, a pre-consultation questionnaire that provides important information to your doctor about the reason for your upcoming appointment. BetterConsult helps you and your doctor get the most out of your consultation. BetterConsult uses industry-standard security; what this means is that your medical information is private, confidential and totally secure, to meet and exceed Australian data privacy legislation. Your information is only shared with your doctor. For more information, visit BetterConsult webpage.  Should you wish to opt-out, all you need to do is text “STOP” to 0480049549.

Better Consult Patient Flyer