Useful Links


Stay tune with the latest health information:

Queensland Health Latest News Alert -For the local QLD Health public health information, and outbreaks alerts.

Australian Government, Department of Health , Health Warning – For national level health information in Australia.

World Health Organization Emergency preparedness, response site – An integrated global alert by WHO regarding epidemics and other public health emergencies

Patient Information Co UK – Useful Patient Information for most of the topics.

Better Health Channel – Patient information education by Victoria Government Health Department.

My Body, My Baby – Antenatal care information and education site for your pregnancy.

RACGP Red Book – Royal College of General Practitioner Preventative Medicine Guideline and Recommendation, with scientific evidence base. Very good to read to know what checks you are due.

Cancer Council- Cancer Pathways – Cancer Council new updated information on 15 of the most common types of cancer. Good guidance for both medical doctors and patients.

Travel Information for CDC( Center Disease Control)  – To find what you need to prepare before traveling.

Skin Cancer Information from Cancer Council Australia – Skin cancer resource,  it also has other cancer information.

DIY Resources:

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet – CSIRO 12 week diet program to be more healthy.

MoodGym DIY psychotherapy- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Garden Insects Identification Tools form CSIRO – Find out what type insect might have bitten you.

Glycemic Index Guide – To check what you eat, how much sugar spike it might be. The lower the GI, the better.

ABCD self check list for melanoma – From Cancer Council Australia Early Detection and Self Check for Skin Cancer – From Skin Cancer Foundation